How To Choose The Best Raised Toilet Seat For Elderly

Weakening muscles, loss of balance and aches in different parts of the body can make toilet visits difficult, dangerous even, for seniors.

They are likely to injure themselves as they lower or raise themselves from the low toilet seat.

A raised toilet seat can help.

It makes it easier for an elderly to use the toilet. Raised toilet seats with bars or arms provided extra support and balance.

A raised toilet seat is also helpful for seniors (and anyone else) who has undergone knee or hip surgery or has an injury in one of those areas.

In this buying guide, we review the best raised toilet seats for the elderly that are available to buy online in the UK.

If you have an elderly family member or friend who has mobility and balance problems, this guide will help you choose the best raised toilet seat to make their bathroom visits safer and easier.

Note: If your elderly family member has serious mobility problems such that they have difficulty walking to the toilet or are bedridden, a suitable bedside commode or a bedpan is the best toileting solution, not a raised toilet seat.

What to Consider When Choosing a Raised Toilet Seat

a) Size

Check the product’s dimensions before you order. Specifically, check the height and the width to make sure the toilet seat is the right one for your elderly family member.

Also make sure that the seat’s size is compatible with your existing toilet.

b) Adjustable Width and Height

Even better, get a raised toilet seat whose height and/or width can be adjusted.

You can raise the seat to make it easier to use the toilet or increase the width for a more ergonomic fit.

One of the biggest advantages of an adjustable toilet seat is that it can keep up with changing needs.

For example, as strength deteriorates, raising the seat provides better balance and support.

c) Support Arms or Bars

Having somewhere to hold on to while they sit or stand is essential for seniors with reduces strength and balance.

Most raised toilet seats come with bars or arm rests on the sides. These provide support and a place to rest their hands when using the toilet.

If your elderly family member can sit or stand on their own, you can opt for a raised toilet seat without bars. But keep in mind that you might need to get a new toilet seat with bars in the near future as their mobility and health deteriorates.

d) Comfortable and Easy to Use

Check the design of the toilet seat to make sure it is comfortable and easy to use.

For one, it should be easy to fix onto the toilet without requiring any tools. If the seat’s height and width are adjustable, that shouldn’t require any tools either.

Some toilet seats have a slightly sloped design that increases comfort and ease of movement.

Also make sure the seat is easy to clean. It should be removable for easier cleaning.

The plastic part of the seat should be easy to clean and sterilise.

e) Sturdy and Durable

Finally, make sure that the seat can withstand years of use without breaking.

A sturdy and durable design makes the toilet seat safe to use. You don’t have to worry that the bars will buckle under the weight of the user.

Most raised toilet seats have stainless steel bars that can take on a lot of weight without sustaining any damage.

The seat itself should also be able to support a lot of weight without breaking.

Reviews of the Best Raised Toilet Seats for Seniors

1. NRS M66613 Mowbray Toilet Seat and Frame

This is a complete package: a heavy duty and comfortable toilet seat and sturdy support bars.

The single-piece plastic toilet seat feel very solid and can easily support their weight. It has a gently sloping design that provides better thigh support and adds to the overall comfort.

A cutaway at the front makes personal cleaning easier especially for seniors who have no one to help them wipe.

The seat sits on a metal frame with side bars that provide support and balance.

The frame is made from steel, ensuring it’s sturdy and durable. Non-slip rubber ferrules at the bottom of each foot keep the frame stable when in use.

By adjusting the frame, you can adjust the height and width of the toilet seat.

The lowest height is 400mm but you can increase this up to 550mm depending on your needs.

The entire toilet seat is freestanding. It stands over your existing toilet but does not attach to it. This makes installation super easy and allows you to move the toilet seat quickly and easily.

However, you’ll need to do some assembly when the seat arrives. But you don’t need any tools and the instructions are very clear.

On average, it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble all the parts.

What we like about it:

  • Sturdy frame.
  • Adjustable height and width.
  • Support bars.
  • Ergonomic seat design.

2. Drive 6 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

If you don’t need a toilet seat with bars or armrests, get this one by Drive DeVilbiss.

It works with any existing toilet and doesn’t require any tools to install.

You secure it to the toilet bowl using two rear locks. It takes just a couple of minutes. Removing it is also easy and quick.

The manufacturer recommends removing the existing toilet lid first but some users found that it works just as well when you install it on the lid. This is handy if you need to quickly return remove the booster seats when guests are coming.

The seat itself is well designed and very sturdy.

It can support up to 200kg. Cutouts at the front and back provides easier hygiene access.

It is 16” deep and 14” wide.

The length of the opening in the middle is about 10.5” front to back and 8.5” side to side.

Note that the seat’s height and width are not adjustable. So make sure these dimensions are ideal for your elderly family member.

The Drive raised toilet seat comes with a lid. With the lid closed, it’s hard to tell that there’s a raised toilet seat on top.

What we like about it:

  • Sturdy and durable toilet seat.
  • Big enough for most people’s needs.
  • Comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Includes lid for those who want to make the raised seat a bit more discreet.

3. Invacare Aquatec 900 Toilet Seat Raiser with Armrests

If you want a raised toilet seat with arms but don’t want a frame that takes up space on the floor, the Aquatec advanced toilet seat by Invacare is a good choice.

It is a bit pricey than the other options in this buying guide but it offers a few nifty features not available with other raised toilet seats.

Our favourite is the versatile height adjustment.

You can choose from three height options: 6cm, 10cm and 15cm.

Adjusting height is easy, quick and requires no tools.

You can adjust the seat in such a way that the front is slightly lower or higher than the back. You can fine tune it to your exact needs.

We also love the folding armrests.

They provide support and balance when one is lowering or raising themselves from the seat. They also provide a convenient place to rest their hands when using the toilet.

When the armrests are not needed, such as when other family members are using the toilet, they can be easily folded away or removed completely.

Overall, the design is intuitive and comfortable.

The only features lacking are cutouts for cleaning access.

What we like about it:

  • Foldable armrests.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Easy to install and remove.

4. Sorrento Bathrooms Comfort Height Toilet WC

This is a full toilet, not just a toilet seat. It is a comfort height toilet, meaning it is higher than standard toilets, making it easier to sit and stand.

Standard toilet height is around 380mm. The Sorrento comfort height WC is 450mm high, not including the toilet seat.

When the toilet seat is down, you’ll sit a bit higher than 450mm.

The toilet is made from high quality ceramic and features a soft-closing lid, water-saving dual flush and an elegant design that is perfect for modern bathrooms.

The toilet is easy to clean and you can remove the seat for easier cleaning.

What we like about it:

  • Long 15-year warranty – a sign of its durability.
  • Raised height makes toileting easier for the elderly.
  • Removable toilet seat.
  • Power flush that also saves on water.

5. NRS Healthcare M00870 Free Standing Toilet Frame

If you elderly family member has no problem using the current toilet but need some support when sitting and standing, consider buying just a frame without the raised seat.

We recommend this affordable one by NRS Healthcare.

It works well with most toilets. Just assemble it and then position it over the toilet bowl.

The frame will straddle the width of the toilet. The side arms provide a sturdy place for someone to hold on to when lowering or raising themselves from the toilet.

The frame is made from steel to ensure it can take on a lot of weight without buckling. The maximum weight limit is 190kg.

Non-slip ferrules on the feet of the frame keep it in place, ensuring it’s safe to use on any kind of floor.

You can adjust the height and width of the frame depending on the needs of your family member.

Adjusting it takes just a few seconds and you don’t need any tools.

You can adjust the width from 42cm to 55cm and the arm height from 63.5cm to 78.5cm.

What we like about it:

  • Very affordable compared to other toilet frames.
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction with a high weight limit.
  • Height and width adjustable.
  • Easy no-tool assembly and adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my toilet higher?

A raised toilet seat is the best way to raise the height of your toilet. You can also replace the entire toilet with a higher one.

2. Will a raised toilet seat help with hip pain?

Yes it will. If you have a hip problem or have undergone hip surgery, getting a raised toilet seat will make your bathroom visits easier and less painful.

3. Where can I buy a raised toilet seat?

Amazon UK carries a wide variety of raised toilet seats, including those with frames for support. If you don’t need a raised toilet seat, you can get just a frame.

You can also check your local supermarket or see if there’s a mobility equipment store near you. Some organizations and charities dedicated to helping senior citizens also give away or sell at a discounted price equipment like raised toilet seats.

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