Dating A 70 Year Old Man

We all change as we go through life and get older. Our goals change, our priorities evolve and the things we value most go beyond the material stuff.

This makes a relationship with a 30 or 40-year old partner quite different from dating a senior. The basics are the same as those of maintaining any strong relationship. But there are a few things you have to do a bit differently.

If you are just getting into a relationship with a 70-year old man, here’s how to nurture a loving, healthy and trust-based relationship.

Consider your age difference

Things will be significantly easier if you are both in the senior bracket. You’ll be both going through the same stage of life, meaning you are more likely to have more shared values and priorities.

A big age difference is not bad but you’ll have to work harder to make the relationship work.

If you feel like the age difference is a big deal, talk it over early in your relationship. Discuss whether it bothers any of you and what your expectations are especially as you both age.

If you are significantly younger, get ready to deal with the challenges that come with taking care of an elderly person.

If you don’t think you can handle it, discuss it early on. If you are in for the long haul, assure them that you’ll be there to offer help with anything.

Have shared values and interests

That whole opposites attract thing is meaningless when it comes to relationships.

The best relationships, regardless of the age of the partners, balance delicately between individual identity and shared values and interests.

So as much as you should maintain your own hobbies and beliefs, an overlap in certain core values (like kindness, charity and so on) and beliefs creates a bedrock for your relationship.

It is also important that you have some interests and hobbies that you enjoy together.

It’s okay to have differences in areas like politics but make sure they are differences you are both comfortable having.

So as you start dating, find out which interests of theirs overlap with some of yours. It can be reading, pottery, going to the movies, cooking and so on.

Ignore negative external influences

You probably already know how much family members can ruin your relationships. Don’t let that happen, whether it’s from your own family or your in-laws.

The decision to date is yours only. If you are sure about it, ignore any external negative influences from your friends or family. They can ruin your relationship before it even goes far.

If you have any concerns about your relationship, discuss them with your partner.

Make memories

Ultimately, this is what it comes down to; having fun together and making a lifetime of memories.

When dating a 70-year old man, superficial and material things take a backseat to deeper values like love, honesty and trust.

You have less time together compared to younger couples, hence the need to make the most out of every moment.

Got out on adventures. It can be travelling, trying new things, meeting new people and anything else you can both enjoy.

These experiences are more precious and memorable than buying new stuff.

Support each other towards being healthier

At 70 years, there is an inevitable decline in health. Whether you are also in the same age range or younger, it’s important to work together towards achieving your health goals.

Eat healthy, stay active and try things like yoga and meditation.

One benefit of striving for a healthier lifestyle is that you get more high quality years together. Even as you both get older, you are still able to do many fun things together.


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