7 Gadgets To Make Life Easier For The Elderly

From safety devices to robots that help with house work, here are the 7 best gadgets to make life easier for the elderly. You can get them for your elderly parents, yourself or an elderly friend.

1. Stove Auto Shut Off Device

An unattended stove top can easily cause a catastrophic fire. A stove auto shut off device works by automatically shutting off the stove when it has been left unattended for a certain amount of time.

These devices usually use motion sensors to detect whether there’s someone nearby or not. They are handy if your elderly parent forgets to switch off the stove after cooking.

There are devices for both gas and electric ranges.

Along with the auto shut off device, I also recommend getting one of those automatic fire suppressors that are installed under the hood. They can quickly stop a grease fire before it spreads to the rest of the house.

2. liGo Bluewave Mobile Hub

If you don’t have a landline phone in the house, this Bluetooth-powered wireless mobile hub is a good alternative.

You simply set it up somewhere it’s easily accessible and then link it with up to 3 mobile phones. Any calls coming in are diverted to the hub which has a loud speaker. One can also make calls through the hub.

This is a good idea if your elderly parent constantly misplaces their phone or forgets where they left it. It’s also helpful if the phone is too far away.

3. Senior Mobile Phone

Smartphones are not ideal for the elderly. They are clumsy to use and can easily break.

Look for tablets or mobile phones for seniors that come with specialized features like large buttons and an SOS button.

If they are still able to use a smartphone, install helpful apps for things like medication reminders, parking (for those still driving), easy video calls and health/safety monitoring.

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

At some point, even basic household chores become a struggle. Thankfully, now we have robots to help us.

Get them a robot vacuum cleaner which doesn’t require any human effort to vacuum the house. Most can also be set on an auto-cleaning schedule.

If you want one the best ones that can navigate easily around the house and which you can even control remotely, go for premium brands like Roomba.

But there are also plenty of affordable robot vacuum cleaners that do a great job.

If they have a pool that is getting harder to maintain, consider getting them a robotic pool cleaner. It will clean the pool and filter the water. Like a robot vacuum, it can also be set on an auto-cleaning schedule.

5. Amazon Echo or Google Home

You might think these fancy smart speakers are for millennials only but they are surprisingly helpful to seniors.

They only need to use voice commands. No buttons or switches. They can ask about the weather, operate smart lights and other devices by voice and make calls without using a phone.

One of the best features of the Amazon Echo is Drop In. It allows friends and family members to automatically connect to your Echo from theirs for a chat.

If you both have the Echo Show speaker, you can use the Drop In feature for a quick video chat.

6. Automatic Can Opener

This one is handy to have around for seniors with weak hands or those with arthritis.

These can openers are electric. They use either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. As a bonus, they cut the can smoothly without leaving any sharp edges for extra safety.

7. Mobility Scooter

If you elderly parent is experiencing trouble walking around, it’s time to get them a walking aid. The best walking aid will depend on their health and mobility needs.

If they can still walk fairly well, a walking stick is good enough. If they need more support and help with balance, a walker or rollator is better.

If they love going shopping, visiting friends and running other errands, a mobility scooter is the best choice. It’s super easy to use and gives them more freedom than other walking aids.

You can even get a class 3 mobility scooter that they can use on the road.

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