HD210 Digital Micro Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Review

The HD210 digital hearing aid is one of the smallest and also one of the most powerful behind-the-ear hearing aids you can buy. The main unit discretely goes behind the ear, where it is barely visible, while a micro-tubing and a mould comfortably fit inside the ear. Despite its size, it comes equipped with powerful features that combat mild to moderate age or disease related hearing loss.

HD210 Hearing Aid review

hd210 hearing aid review

What I like

  • Very small and discreet
  • Powerful, especially for its size
  • Volume control
  • Easy to use

What I don’t like

  • Tiny battery
  • Higher price

What are you buying?

1. Volume control

Depending on your level of hearing loss and environment, you can adjust the volume to suit your hearing needs. You can keep it low when interacting with family at home and notch it higher when out and about. There are four volume levels in total, with the lowest one being the default.

The volume control button is located on the main unit behind the ear. It is big enough such that finding it and adjusting is not a problem even when you are on the go.

2. Background noise reduction

For people with significant hearing loss, background noise can be a major nuisance when using hearing aids. It interferes with processed sound, causing interferences and poor hearing. The HD210 comes with background noise reduction technology. It reduces the amount of noise in the environment, allowing the user to focus on important sounds.

This feature is especially helpful in noisy environment such as a restaurant or a crowded supermarket.

3. ‘Open’ dome design

One common complaint among hearing aid users is that the mould tends to plug-up the ear, causing an uncomfortable sensation. The HD210 comes with an ‘open’ dome design that allows air to keep flowing even when the mould is inserted. This can be especially helpful when your ear gets sweaty.

4. Low battery warning

The battery goes into the main control unit. There is a small compartment where you fit it in and then close the flap. If you are having trouble putting in the battery, consult the instruction leaflet delivered along with the package. When the battery level gets low, a warning beep will alert you to it.

5. Pre-programmed for speech tones

The HD210 hearing aid is designed specifically to help individuals communicate better with those around them. To this end, the hearing aid comes primed for processing human speech tones. This allows wearers to clearly hear what others are saying while eliminating distorting background noises.

How easy is it to use?

hd210 hearing aidDespite its small size, the HD210 is extremely easy to use. The package comes with instructions to guide you through the setup process, which mostly involves putting in the batteries and flipping the on/off switch.

The hearing aid is easy to put on. The tubing and dome go inside the ear while the larger part is positioned discreetly behind the ear. You can even wear the hearing aid with your sunglasses.

To increase or lower the volume, use the button on the main unit. In case you experience any distortions and reduced sound quality over time, contact the manufacturer or your audiologist for advice.

The hearing aid is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty so you are well protected.

What accessories are included?

The hearing aid comes with a packet of batteries at no extra cost. You won’t need to buy any new batteries for quite some time. For more accessories, you have to check the manufacturer’s website (Hearing Direct) where they stock extra items such as cleaning spray, replacement tubing and replacement domes.


  • The hearing aid is quite small for a behind-the-ear design, which allows users to wear it discreetly.
  • Pretty powerful, especially for its size. Many users report a significant improvement in hearing ability.
  • Volume control allows users to set personal preferences depending on their hearing needs and the type of environment.
  • Easy to use.


  • The battery is tiny and the compartment where it goes in is quite small too. Some users experience trouble trying to fit the battery into its slot.

Anything else you should know?

Balancing between processed and natural sounds – the HD210 does not completely replace your natural hearing. That is why it is recommended for mild and moderate hearing loss. Instead, it creates a nice balance of processed sound and natural sound to enhance communication.


If you are looking for a hearing aid that will return to you a big part of your hearing ability while remaining discreet, the HD210 is a great choice. It performs excellently whether you are seated quietly at home watching TV or standing in a noisy street catching up with a friend.

The small size of the hearing aid is a major appeal. The fact that it also packs powerful features makes it one of my highest recommended behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Where to buy?


HD210 Hearing Aid Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The HD210 digital hearing aid is one of the smallest and also one of the most powerful behind-the-ear hearing aids you can buy. Despite its size, it has powerful features that combat mild to moderate age or disease related hearing loss.

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