Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Review: Portable Mobility Scooter

Everything about the 4-wheeled Pride Go Go Elite Traveller mobility scooter is designed to provide maximum convenience and the least frustration to users. The boot scooter is easy to assemble and even a user with weak physical strength can manage to put it together. When it comes to moving it around, dismantling is equally easy.

The Pride Go Go Elite is a Class 2 scooter meaning it can only be used on pavements and stores. If you or your family member needs a convenient way to move around the home and neighbourhood, this mobility scooter is perfect.

Pride Go Go Elite Traveller review

Pride Go Go Elite Traveller review

What I like

  • Easily dismantles
  • Frustration free assembly
  • Comfortable seat
  • Friendly experience

What I don’t like

  • Heavy to lift
  • Battery can get slightly loose

What are you buying?

1. Dismantles into 5 parts

You never have to worry about fitting this scooter into the boot of your car. Whenever you need to travel with it, just take it apart into five different parts. The scooter is designed to come apart easily with minimal effort. The battery will be the heaviest of the parts and you might need some help lifting it.

When you need to use it again, putting it back together is just as easy. A latching mechanism ensures that you just apply a little pressure to lock the pieces back together.

2. 4mph maximum speed with variable battery range

As we mentioned before, the Pride Go Go Elite is designed as a Class 2 scooter. This limits its maximum speed to 4mph, just enough for short hops to the store or the park. As for the battery range, it varies based on several factors.

For one, you can opt for a 12AH or 18AH battery. The 18amp battery has more range. The weight of the user and terrain travelled on will also determine range. But most users say that they only have to charge the battery once or twice a week when travelling for short distances every day. If you use the scooter extensively, you can leave it charging every evening. On average, the 12AH battery has a 7.2 mile range whole the 18AH battery has a 10.4 mile range.

3. Adjustable tiller and seat

The scooter can easily accommodate users of different sizes. The seat can be adjusted between 18.13 inches and 20.13 inches from the ground. If the controls are too far away or too close, you can tilt the tiller downwards towards you or further away from the seat and then lock it into place.

This adjustability allows maximum comfort; a hugely important issue especially for users with medical conditions.

How easy is it to use?

The scooter scores full points on comfort and user friendliness. The ease of dismantling it and reassembly is a major appeal for many users. The fact that you can adjust the seat and the tiller to fit your preferences are also major advantages. The controls are simple and easy to figure out and there is a helpful manual should you need help setting everything up.

The point of a mobility user is to make movement easy. The Pride Go Go Elite does well in providing a great experience with minimal frustration.

What accessories are included?

The scooter does not come with any accessories included. But you can find various accessories in the market including an extra battery pack, cup holder, travelling bag. Oxygen holder, rearview mirror and rain cover. Check that accessories are compatible with the mobility scooter before buying. We would recommend checking out the manufacturer website for compatible accessories.


  • Easily dismantles into five pieces for easier storage and portability.
  • Frustration free assembly.
  • A comfortable seat and adjustable parts provide a friendly experience.


  • As with most other mobility scooters, individual parts and especially the battery can be a bit heavy to lift.
  • Some users noted that the battery can get slightly loose especially after prolonged use. Keep an eye out for that.

Anything else you should know?

First, take note of the weight limit, which is 136kg. Second, try as much as possible to keep the scooter out of the rain. While you can always buy a rain cover, it is not a guarantee that water will not seep inside the various parts and damage the electronics. For storage, never leave it outside even when it is not raining; dew can easily cause damage. Inside the garage or house are the ideal storage locations.


As lightweight mobility scooters go, this is one of the best. With a great design and an equally great user experience, the scooter provides mobility freedom to those who are struggling with old age or a medical condition.

If you want to see a comparison of this vs other mobility scooters, please read our post on the mobility scooters in the UK market.

Where to buy?


Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


Pride Go Go Elite Traveller mobility scooter is easy to assemble and dismantling is equally easy. If you or your family member needs a convenient way to move around the home and neighbourhood, this mobility scooter is perfect.


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