Style 4mph Portable Mobility Scooter Review: Travel Car Boot Scooter

The Style mobility boot scooter is perfect for those who are looking for a compact scooter they can use at home and when travelling. It is a Class 2 scooter that dismantles and fits into the boot of most cars for easy portability.

If walking around your home or neighbourhood has become hard or impossible because of age or a health condition, this is a great solution. Many users say it is easy to use and operate; an extremely important feature in any mobility scooter.

Style Portable Mobility Scooter review

style portable mobility scooter review

What I like

  • Easy to use and travel with
  • Comfortable to seat on and drive
  • Flexible seat and armrests
  •  Good price

What I don’t like

  •  Quite heavy
  •  Loud noise when reversing

What are you buying?

1. 4mph maximum speed with 10 miles battery range

Being a class 2 scooter, the maximum speed is 4mph. You can use it safely and comfortably alongside pedestrians and shoppers but it should not be used on the road. The sealed lead acid battery provides a 10-mile range on a full charge. This should be enough to move around the home and for short trips to the store. Ideally, a single charge should last you an entire day.

By the end of the day, even if the battery is not completely depleted, it is still a good idea to recharge it to ensure a full battery for the next day. If you can, buy a spare battery in case you are ever caught unawares or the main battery becomes faulty.

2. Dismantles into 5 pieces for easier portability and storage

Trying to lift the entire scooter is virtually impossible. The seat itself weighs 7.2kg. The combined weight of the main sections is 43kg. Can you imagine trying to lift that weight into your car’s boot? Not that it would even fit without taking it apart.

To ensure that the scooter can be stored and carried around easily, it comes with a dismantling design. It can be taken apart to become 5 different pieces, which you can then lift one by one. However, note that even the individual pieces themselves are quite heavy. The front section weighs 15.8kg and the battery pack is 9.2kg. If you or a loved one is too weak to do the lifting, make sure there is always someone at hand to help.

3. Puncture-proof non-marking wheels

It would be endlessly frustrating if the wheels kept on puncturing. To keep it running smoothly, the Style portable mobility scooter comes with puncture-resistant wheels. You do not have to worry about getting stranded on your way to the store because of a flat wheel.

Additionally, the wheels are designed not to leave any marks behind. This ensures the scooter does not damage flooring.

4. Safety-first approach

The scooter comes with plenty of safety features. It has automatic electromagnetic brakes to prevent any accidents especially in crowded areas such as malls and pavements. It also has rear anti-tip wheels for increased stability when moving. This feature is especially important in slightly sloped areas.

How easy is it to use?

Comfort and ease of use are two very important issues that determine the quality and usability of a mobility scooter. The Style mobility scooter comes with several features designed to enhance comfort and user friendliness.

These include a 360-degree swivel seat, an adjustable tiller, adjustable armrests and seat, wide legroom, comfortable handlebars and easy-to-use controls. Even if you have never used a mobility scooter before, you will not feel strange using this one.

The scooter does not come with any special accessories. It comes dismantled into 5 different parts; the rear section, the front section, the seat, the portable battery pack and the basket.

What accessories are included?

There are a few accessories you can buy from other sellers for improved usability. For instance, you can get a water-proof cover to protect the electronics if the user is caught out in the rain. You can also get an extra battery to act as a backup.


  • Easy to use and travel with.
  • Comfortable to seat on and drive.
  • Has flexible seat and armrests to cater to users of different heights and sizes.


  • Even when taken apart, individual units are still quite heavy.
  • The beeper makes an uncomfortably loud noise when reversing.

Anything else you should know?

  • Maximum weight limit: the manufacturer specifies a 130kg or 20 stone maximum weight limit. This is high enough to allow most users to comfortably use the scooter.


What really stands out about the Style mobility scooter is the ease of use. It is easy to put together the different parts and take them apart again. It is also really comfortable with simple controls that you will master in no time. Best of all, it will help you regain your lost mobility and have an easier time exploring the world around you.

If you are still unsure if it is the right mobility scooter for you, please have a look at our best mobility scooter reviews.

Where to buy?


Style Portable Mobility Scooter Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The Style mobility boot scooter is perfect for those who are looking for a compact scooter they can use at home and when travelling. It is a Class 2 scooter that dismantles and fits into the boot of most cars for easy portability.


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