Where Can Seniors Meet Other Seniors?

There are so many ways and places seniors can meet other seniors from local social groups to houses of worship. Even just taking a daily walk down the street can open up your social life.

The most important thing is to get out of the house, if you can. This is especially important for seniors who live alone. Loneliness is a serious concern and can cause a decline in mental and physical health.

Best Places Seniors Can Meet Other Seniors

Best Places Seniors Can Meet Other Seniors

Here are a few places you can try to find other seniors. Pick those that work best for your neighbourhood and situation.

1. Social Groups

Social groups for seniors are some of the best places to meet other seniors, and they are fairly common in the UK.

So it’s likely there’s a social group in your area that you can join.

Some of these places, such as Friendship Centres are part of a national network, while others are just loosely organised local groups.

You can also check to see if there’s a local forum near you. Local forums are independent groups run by other seniors.

Many social groups go beyond providing social interaction; they also provide extra services such as exercise, dementia support, home visits, health information, computer training and more.

So when you are looking for a social group to join, see if it fits your needs.

2. Gyms & Sports Clubs

Working out with other seniors lets you accomplish two things at once. You get fit and healthier, and you get to meet people.

There and centres that are dedicated to physical activities for seniors. They provide everything from dance classes to aerobics and strength training.

Check if there’s a gym or senior physical activity centre near you that you can join.

You can also try a sports club. Here you’ll find a wide range of activities like swimming and tennis, and you’ll also meet other seniors.

3. Places of Worship

Some of the best places to boost your social life are church, temple, or any other place of worship.

Because you tend to meet the same people regularly, you develop a bond over time. You can even start doing other activities together like volunteering or home visitations.

4. College

Colleges accept senior students all the time, usually for short courses like IT, language, yoga, art, business and so on.

And because you’ll most likely be taking these classes with other seniors, it’s a great socialising opportunity. It’s also great for your brain.

Learning new things and taking on challenges has been proven to provide some protection against dementia.

You can opt for a full time course if you have the time and energy, or choose to learn part time.

5. Tours and Holidays

Travelling is a great way to meet other seniors while also having fun and seeing new places.

There are holiday and tour companies that arrange trips specifically for older people. You can book a holiday alone and hope to meet other seniors wherever you go.

Alternatively, you can book a holiday as a group of seniors.

Make sure you choose a tour company that has experience offering accessible holidays to seniors with disability or reduced mobility.

6. Work

It’s easy to establish friendships with work colleagues. If you are able to, you can try and find a part time job that lets you meet other seniors.

Look for companies that welcome older workers and cater to their needs.

7. At Home

If, because of a disability, illness or whatever reason, you cannot get out of your home to meet people, you can still socialise at home.

You’ll just need to turn your home into a meeting point. Invite your friends and neighbours over for tea or lunch.

Set up activities you can do together at home like board games, TV workouts, and watching movies.

Which Activities Can Help Seniors Make Friends?

Which Activities Can Help Seniors Make Friends

In addition to going to specific places to meet other seniors, there are plenty of activities you can do that will help you make new friends or acquaintances. Here are some good examples.

  • Volunteering. There are many organisations and charities that welcome senior volunteers.
  • Going on walks around your neighbourhood and interacting with people you come across.
  • Going on hikes. Pick trails that are frequented by other seniors.
  • Physical activities like cycling and swimming.

Basically, whatever activity gets you out of your home and meeting other people is an opportunity to make new friends.

If you really can’t find anything to do or a place to go where you can find other seniors, just try going to the local cafe, pub or park.

Chances are you’ll run into other seniors and maybe start making friends.

What Are The Best Ways For Seniors to Meet Other Seniors Online?

Meeting people online doesn’t offer quite the same bond and intimacy of a face to face meeting, but it can help ward off loneliness.

It’s especially useful for seniors who cannot leave their home.

Social media sites like Facebook are great for online socialising. Look for groups and pages specifically for seniors.

There are also plenty of chat rooms and forums online for seniors. You can also find gaming sites for seniors where you can play alone or with other seniors.

And if you are looking for some romance, there are plenty of seniors dating sites like SilverSingles, eHarmony, and Lumen.

Just be careful when you are online. Don’t visit suspicious websites, click fishy links, or share personal information.

Here’s a good online safety guide for seniors by Age UK.

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