Useful Mobile Apps For Elderly

For seniors who are still able to use a smartphone (check our recommendations with the best mobile phones for the elderly), Instagram and Candy Crush are not exactly the best apps for them. There are dozens of alternative apps that are actually helpful and in some cases, lifesaving.

They include apps to enhance accessibility, help seniors stay in touch with family and friends and improve health and safety.

There are also more casual apps for gaming, mental exercises and entertainment.

Here’s our curated list of the best mobile apps for the elderly. Some are available for both iOS and Android while others are platform-specific. I’ll specify the details for each app including whether it’s free or not.

1. Simple Senior Phone

  • Platform: Android
  • Price: Free (with ads)

This app changes the phone’s interface to make it easier for seniors to use. It uses large fonts that are easier on the eyes, colour coding to make it easier to spot commonly used functions and large keys on the keyboard.

It also comes with a simplified launcher which can be modified for easier operation. For instance, you can hide apps that are unnecessary and leave only the essential ones.

Extra features include:

  • Improved dialler, messages and contacts.
  • 1-click SOS button which alerts pre-programmed contacts.
  • Option to send coordinates to a contact when you need to be picked up.

2. Yoga Exercises for Seniors

  • Platform: Android
  • Price: Free (with ads)

Keeping up with yoga in your senior years is good for your joints, back and overall fitness. It also helps you relax and keep stress levels down.

If you don’t want or can’t go to a yoga studio, this app brings the yoga to your home.

It guides you on a wide variety of yoga poses you can do in your living room. All the poses are designed for persons over 50. They are safe and will not push your body beyond what it can handle.

3. Uber and Lyft

  • Platform: Available for both Android and iOS
  • Price: Free

If you don’t have a ride-hailing app on your phone, time to get one. No more calling taxis or walking to the street to hail one.

With services like Uber or Lyft, you can simply hail a cab from home and it will come right to your door. It will also drop you exactly where you want.

Super convenient for seniors who cannot drive around but still need to run errands and meet with friends and family.

4. EyeReader

  • Platform: iOS
  • Price: £1.99

Most documents from restaurant menus to utility bills are written in small print. This app makes it so much easier to read without having to scramble for your glasses every time or squint an inch away from the document.

Just fire up the app and position your phone over the document. The app uses your phone’s torch and camera to magnify the text on your screen.

For android users, Magnifier is a good alternative. It works the same way as EyeReader. It’s free but comes with in-app purchases.

5. Medisafe – Pill & Med Reminder

  • Platform: iOS or Android
  • Price: Free (in-app purchases)

This is the best app for organizing your pills and tracking your medication. You can add and manage the medication reminders yourself or have a caregiver or family member do it.

The app also provides reminders for refills and doctor appointments.

You can also use it to track blood glucose, weight, pulse and blood pressure.

Accessibility Apps

Here are the best accessibility apps for both Android and iOS

  • Android Accessibility Suite (Android – Free) – includes several accessibility features for android phones. Check whether it is pre-installed on your phone before you download it.
  • Assistive Touch (Android – Free) – makes access to common buttons like menu, volume and home easier when using one hand. Some phones, including iPhones, have this feature built-in.

Note: Most smartphones have plenty of accessibility features built-in including message dictation, font adjustment, TalkBack and colour inversion. You don’t need an app to access most of them.

Entertainment, Learning and Gaming Apps

Here are the best apps to keep you sharp and entertained.

  • Duolingo (iOS, Android) – a great way to pass time as you learn new languages. It’s free with ads and upgrade options.
  • Words with Friends 2 (iOS, Android) – A fun way to pass time, connect with other people and keep your mind sharp. Free with in-app purchases.
  • Tetris (iOS, Android) – This classic game is a great way to pass time when you are bored. Free with in-app purchases.

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