5 Useful Tips To Keep Playing Golf Well In Your 50s

It is undoubted that nobody can stop the time and keep their body from aging. However, there are actually many things that you can try to make sure that ages don’t affect your golf games too much. With the right approach and knowledge, you can even have your best performance when you get older. With that in mind, here are five golf tips for over 50s and beyond.

1. Stretch and warm up

This seems to be an obvious thing to do before each game, but many people often overlook it due to a busy and stressful schedule. In fact, warming up can bring a lot of health benefits for elderly golfers. From the age of 35, the strength and mass of our skeletal muscles start to reduce due to aging effects.

Though it is imperceptible at first, our body would lose up to 40 per cent of muscles by the age of 60. That’s why it is important to do a few flexible and strengthening exercises before starting a golf game. Goo warm-up will help your heart rate up and blood flows smoothly, thus enhancing the overall fitness.

More importantly, simple tasks like walking up 2 stairs at once or standing up from an armchair without your arms might help. After playing, it is advisable to stretch your muscles when they are still warm to cool down correctly.

2. Custom fitting

Custom fitting is simply the process of tailoring your golf clubs to suit your individual swing. By having a specific unit that fits your unique style, you can lower your scores even in the 50s.

As you get aged, the speed of your clubhead might decrease, meaning that the club that used to suit your game when you were a young golfer is no longer aiding you in getting the most out of every swing.

Despite your stubbornness and pride, it is essential to go for other options to keep enjoying the game. And a custom-fitting can a perfect idea to guarantee that incorrect shaft flexes, for instance, won’t hold you back.

3. Take health supplements

Many studies and surveys have shown that many golfers over 50 years old claim that they usually feel pain and loss of stamina or energy when playing. The regular intake of natural health supplements has been proved to provide many health benefits to old golfers.

A few common issues with aging people such as pains, aches, stiffness, or lethargy can be alleviated thanks to medical advancements. Thus, make sure to ask your personal doctor for any products to help you with these physical restraints.

4. Change your equipment

In addition custom-fitting, it is also important to think about the club line-up and equipment in your golf bag. In other words, try to find out the best combination for your 50s-swing.

For example, you can perform better with more lofted drivers; a more fairway hybrid or wood instead of a long iron; irons with more built-in forgiveness; another putter style; or perhaps another type of putter grip. There are so many options and combinations available for your, so make sure to do your research and find out your best clubs for seniors.

5. Tee it a little bit forward

If you aren’t playing the right course or from the backs, it can be challenging to overcome a back tee chauvinism. But the truth is that many people, regardless of their age, might enjoy a golf game better if they dare to venture forward by one or two tees more frequently. This means you might benefit a lot if playing all the social golf right from the yellow instead of white tees.

Also, you should probably be a little bit less ambitious when making a decision over the tee choices on a visit to other courses when there are numerous options to choose from. If the courses allow, you can even decide when you can go along – probably choose to head forward as you reach a 220-yard par 3.

After all, all of us choose to play golf because we want to enjoy it. So who really need to tee it on a hole that they know they cannot reach? That’s why you should consider adding a couple of shorter courses.

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