Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier Review

The Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier is what I would call an introductory hearing aid. At a fraction of the cost of a traditional hearing aid, it provides a limited solution to hearing loss. It has been designed to amplify sound for people with mild hearing impairment. For such individuals, it provides a cheap alternative a full hearing aid. Of course, the downside is that it will not help you for long if your impairment keeps getting worse. You will be forced to get a hearing aid.

Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier review

beurer ha50 hearing amplifier review

What I like

  • Small and discreet
  • Great brand
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use

What I don’t like

  • Not for significant hearing loss
  • Easy to lose due to size

What are you buying?

1. Designed for mild hearing loss

This is an important point I would like to emphasise. The Beurer HA50 is more of an amplifier than a full-on hearing aid. Its main function is to enable wearers hear better by amplifying sounds around them. If you have a little trouble following a conversation in the office or in the street, this device could help. For moderate to serious hearing loss you need to get tested by an audiologist who will recommend a proper hearing aid for you.

2. Adjustable volume control

You can set the volume of audio output depending on where you are at a certain moment or your degree of hearing loss. In a public setting where there is more background noise, higher volume will help you interact better with a friend. At home where it is quieter, you can do with lower volume.

The volume control is conveniently located on the main unit where you can easily reach it even when walking or working.

beurer ha50 hearing amplifier3. Discreet

You do not have to worry about the amplifier sticking out from behind your ear like some alien gadget. The main unit is quite small. When placed behind your ear, it is barely visible. The tubing that goes inside the ear is very small and fairly unnoticeable.

4. Affordable

Currently, the Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier costs less than £50, while most full blown hearing aids cost £300 and above. This makes it a low-cost alternative for users suffering from mild hearing problems. Instead of buying an expensive pair of hearing aids, you can improve your hearing at just a fraction of the cost.

How easy is it to use?

There is nothing complicated about the Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier. An instruction sheet will tell you everything you need to know about putting in the battery, putting on the hearing aid, powering it on and adjusting the volume. But even without it, it is easy to figure everything out.

The tubing and mould are fairly comfortable though you might experience some discomfort if your ears get sweaty or waxy. The device comes in a small case that I would recommend you keep with you. Since the unit is so small, it is easy to lose it. Use the case for storage when you are at home or travelling.

What accessories are included?

Apart from the case the hearing aid comes in, there is an extra replacement battery included in the package. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the device provides a low-battery warning so you just have to determine when a new battery is necessary.


  • Small and discreet, making it perfect for those who might feel a bit self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid.
  • Beurer is a well know German manufacturer
  • Very affordable compared to most hearing aids.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not ideal for people with significant hearing loss. Designed only for mild hearing impairment, the Beurer HA50 is not much help for those with moderate to severe hearing issues.
  • Easy to lose because of its small size. But the included case should help with this.

Anything else you should know?

Three attachments for personalised hearing – the Beurer HA50 can be taken apart into three separate components; the main unit that goes behind the ear, the micro-tubing with a receiver and the mould that goes into the ear canal.

This allows users to adjust the unit depending on their needs and preferences. If the mould is too small or too big, you can buy a replacement online. Same goes with the tube.


Hearing impairment – even a slight one – can cause significant stress and impede proper interactions. The Beurer HA50 provides an affordable and efficient way for people with mild hearing impairment to improve their hearing. If you suffer from slight hearing loss, especially in environments where there is a lot of noise, this is an affordable and effective hearing aid. If your condition gets worse, I highly recommend getting tested by an audiologist and getting more capable hearing aids.

Where to buy?


Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The Beurer HA50 Hearing Amplifier has been designed to amplify sound for people with mild hearing impairment. For such individuals, it provides a cheap alternative a full hearing aid.

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