HD400 Digital Micro Behind The Ear Hearing Aid Review

The HD400 Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid combines its digital speech processing capability with its discreet size to make it one of the best behind the ear hearing aid in the market. This hearing aid is designed to help those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss related either to age or high frequency impairment.

HD400 Hearing Aid review

hd400 hearing aid review

What I like

  • Quite discreet
  • Powerful, innovative technology
  • Customised sound output
  • Telecoil

What I don’t like

  • It can be easily lost due to size
  • No low battery warning

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What are you buying?

1. Designed for mild to moderate levels of hearing loss

The HD400 hearing aid is designed to help with mild to moderate levels of hearing loss. Whether you are just starting to miss out on some syllables when someone is talking (high tone hearing loss) or advanced age has deteriorated your hearing, the HD400 will vastly improve your quality of hearing. It will help you communicate with others better, be more aware of your environment and enjoy things like TV and the Cinema more.

hd400 hearing aid2. Discreet

This is one of the smallest behind-the-ear hearing aids you can buy. Even without long hair to hide the device, it is still almost impossible for someone else to spot it. This is good news for those who are a bit insecure about wearing a hearing aid.

3. Speech processing technology

The hearing aid has been programmed to specifically target speech. It has been optimised to process human speech over other sounds in the environment. This provides better hearing quality especially when the wearer is in a public places with a variety of sounds. This capability comes in handy when you are trying to talk to a friend on the street or in a mall.

4. Noise cancellation and volume adjust

To further ensure clarity of sound when in a noisy environment, the hearing aid comes with noise cancellation technology. This filters out most of the background noises, allowing the wearer to receive human speech more clearly.

You can further control the sound coming into your ear through the volume adjust button. When you are at home where it is quiet, you can set a lower volume. When outside where there are more distracting noises, you can crank it up for better hearing.

5. Telecoil

The hearing aid comes with a telecoil setting for better hearing in certain situations. When turned on, the telecoil connects to a hearing loop system in places like the cinema, theatres and some public buildings. It can also be connected to a landline telephone. The telecoil transmits sound directly into the hearing aid, which results in higher quality sound output.

How easy is it to use?

There is nothing complicated about the HD400 hearing aid. Once you put in the battery, you are good to go. The buttons are well visible and easy to use. You can wear the hearing aid with sunglasses, hat and any type of hair without any problem. You just have to be extra careful not to lose the device. It is really small and can easily disappear under furniture or under seat cushions. Find a place where you can safely stow it away when not wearing it.

What accessories are included?

The hearing aid uses non-rechargeable batteries. This means you have to replace them regularly. For the first few replacements, the hearing aid comes with a free pack of batteries included. No other accessories are included. But you can buy extra items such as cleaners and ear wax protectors.


  • Quite discreet especially for a behind-the-ear hearing aid.
  • Contains powerful technology to process human speech, cancel out background noise and improve sound quality.
  • Comes with volume adjust for customised sound output.
  • Contains telecoil for better hearing in theatres, cinemas and when talking on the phone.


  • Due to its small size, the hearing aid can easily get lost especially when you are travelling.
  • No low battery warning. This can be quite inconvenient when the battery dies without warning.

Anything else you should know?

Please note that this unit is designed to fit only in the right ear. So do not buy two of them expecting to use them in both ears. Additionally it is available in only one colour; grey.


A high quality hearing aid does not come cheap. Most easily cost over £1,000. The HD400 costs half that yet comes packed with powerful features and technology to improve hearing. If you are looking for a discreet and high quality yet affordable hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss, I highly recommend the HD400 digital behind-the-ear hearing aid.

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HD400 Hearing Aid Review
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Maintenance
  • Ease of Use


The HD400 Digital Micro Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid combines its digital speech processing capability with its discreet size to make it one of the best behind the ear hearing aid in the market.

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